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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
course setters andvantage

So much of a blind panic doing the strimming holding eveyone up I think I shot 10 targets without even looking at them, that, ll be five down straight away doh , the couple of blokes turning up on the second shot for an induction put me off a bit , dink , doh
Still had some gratification with two people telling me there was a 50 ydr out there, hah suckers, thatll be the wind pushing down over the hedge for the last fifteen yards , of course I let them measure it as well
Thats my excuse and i, m sticking with it :
then just imagine how badly you would of done had you not set the course, you should be ashamed of yourself. and I thought I shot bad
joking aside it was a good course , thanks to both of you
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