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Would recommend old Short mag 4.5 to 14 parrallaxes down to 25yds


Compact Airgun 3 to 12 parrallaxes down to 7yds.

Have had a few of these and these scopes are identical just different specs.

Both above have AO the ones you quote don't and will need reparrallaxing easy to do just make a tool to turn the lenses. Trouble is the reticles differ across the range probably due to date of construction. Older ones I prefer as thinner.

The Timberline appears to be an amalgamation of specs when they shifted assembly not construction to the Phillipines instead of the USA.

Little parrallax and 1/8th clicks lot darker than a Sightron.

Hobbit Army

Rick Ardern super low mounts ISP MK3 pellet launching platforms and Sightron 10 x 42mm telescopic sights.
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