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Originally Posted by oldtanky7642 View Post
So it might be worth while all of us contacting the above then.
I'm up for some of that.
Seeing as Steyr are gathering names of all UK customers ( this part I know is true ),
who have purchased an SA, to pass on to Steyr UK, I know OUTRAGEOUS or what.
The EU shop told me this is true, born out by a few others as well now
Now I can't confirm this but it is believed the gathering of names is to forward
to the Home Office and police.

Then a "Class Action Lawsuit" for breech of multiple jurisdictional country wide PRIVACY laws

...and besides, were the Euro Shops served legal papers from Manufacturer of X country to shop in Y country ? (instead of their own Business Ministry / remit to a Private Company ???)

One would think Euro shop in country Y would

a) Inform their own Euro MEP, their own Minister for Business, etc..for Bully Boy tactics & harrassment to impede /blackmail Euro shop in country Y

b) How would Steyr then, pass on those details to UK agent ? without incurring wrath from their own Ministry of Business ? ...and

c) UK agent providing names of UK customers from Euro shops - a, b,c,d,e ... to UK authorities - would only confirm indeed, they got the names via some form of ..cough...cough..."COERCION" ???

SMELLS MEGA FISHY and unlikely.

But if True, a Lawsuit = $$$$ pay out for breach of Eurowide client/customer confidentiality...and possible "cartel" "price fixing" "collusion" "coercion" (which we all know- are big NO No's)

Anyone a Legal head/lawyer care to make a nice juicy hefty fee on a "No win , no fee" basis ?

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