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Some more about restrictive trade practices, for those who are interested: ... ex_en.html

"Action against cartels is a specific type of antitrust enforcement. A cartel is a group of similar, independent companies which join together to fix prices, to limit production or to share markets or customers between them.
Instead of competing with each other, cartel members rely on each others' agreed course of action, which reduces their incentives to provide new or better products and services at competitive prices. As a consequence, their clients (consumers or other businesses) end up paying more for less quality. (Ring a bell?!) This is why cartels are illegal under EU competition law and why the European Commission imposes heavy fines on companies involved in a cartel."

The crime is dealt with by both the EU body above and in GB by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).
They offer incentives for whistleblowers.
Of interest to gunshop owners and airgun customers? You betcha!