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JSB are a business and at the end of the day if they think they will make more money giving AA the pellets good luck to them

i get all my pellets from Tawd who are supplied by Airarmmo

i know the best price we can get locally on AA pellets is like 7 odd per tin- even in big bulk orders and even then we cannot choose batches and die numbers

what can you do - there's no way AA will be able to supply clubs and people like Airammo did (choosing batches and picking up from GP's ect ( hope i am wrong but cannot see it at all))

looks like JSB just lost 30/40 people who buy pellets from tawd but as i said good luck to them.

i think we would all prefer it if Airammo were the only supplier - i cant see how JSB looses out supplying both AA and Airammo - even if AA went off on one about it 80-90% would go and buy another JSB made pellet instead i would have thought

i will not be buying AA pellets thats for sure - there shite
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