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Default Pellet Catcher

I have recently got back into shooting, currently pistol (co2 umarex type) but soon rifle again too. We have a reasonable back garden but nothing like the space I have had in the past so my mind started toying with pellet catchers....... Plinking is great but I need to make sure my pellets stay in the garden. I also fancy using an arduino prototype board to make it a bit interesting. So I started thinking some more (already been warned about doing this by the long haired general) and my fledgling design would be... 1 metre wide (same as steel sheet) and about 30 cm high. this would enable a holder for a few paper targets so the general and myself can both shoot at the same time. Or I could use the board to control 5 turning targets, or use the board to turn the targets one at a time at random. or by unbolting the end plates (did I not mention those earlier?) to swap out turning targets for spinning or drop downs. My next idea was to bolt 2 units together, omitting the end plates where they join, and having 10 turners, all together or random. the ultimate would be 3 bolted together to produce a close approximation of an issf 10m moving target. Finally on the lip at the bottom line up cans and shoot em off!
Anybody else have any thoughts? I admit its not gonna be cheap, but if it helps safety its worth it and if it makes shooting more fun its got to be a good idea!
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