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I can't make it now so I've removed my name from the list

Grego Hensman
Greg Hens An
Dave Smith
David Nicholls
Kev Gaunt
Wayne Marriott
John Ferrier
Paul Spencer
Clive Evans
Andy Dickson
Laura Dickson
Ian Bainbridge
Steve Edmondson
Kathy Thompson
Mark Thompson
Peter Richmond
Mick Mctighe
Darren Crofts
Darryn Cooper
Ash Bailey
Lee Ellis
Jamie Jackson
Chris Cundey
Mark crossland
Mick Fern
Casey Handby
Steve Handby
Nick Yates
Mark Carter
Iain Spicer
Kieran Spicer
Joe Starmer
Ian Sheppard
Nev Baguley
Mik Monaghan
Mick Boswell
Nick Parker (if not working)
Dave Whiteside
Perry Broad (R)
Nigel Smith
Neil Price*
Graham Cole
Simon Minney
Rhyley Minney
Karl Guest
Bob Clay
Steve Whiting
LAity ( assuming I am in the country )
Harry Compton
Elliott Compton
Bill Birch
Mitch Birch
Kevin Brooks
Ian Clark
Pete Dutton*
Simon Howarth
Michelle Parsons*
Paul Bolam
Tom Morgans
Rob Bates
Jo Thorpe
Marcus Munton
Sophie Gregory
Luke Wells
Gordon Smith
Joanne Cogger
Rhian Jones
Nigel Jones
Chris Hall
Duane Grace
Ross Young
Simon Hilton
Tony Male
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