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So she got a few 100 through her in the new stock... it was a bit hard work.

I got a pretty quick 25 yd zero, and then jumped to a 55yd which also came in pretty quick. Started to work back and the numbers seemed to drop on the usual trajectory for 800fps... i junked a batch of JSB's and went back to the ones I was using in the 97 as the grouped better and flew flatter by some margin. 50 ok, 1&1/4 MOA from 55, 45 1 MOA from 50. Then the fun began. At around 40 yds i was getting some oddness, it was shooting almost as low as my 25yd... (5 & 1/4 MOA from 55) in fact it ended up being my 25yd. Then my 25yd changed. Then my 55yd changed. All going up. Here we go! Then after much up and down the plinking range, numbers seemed to fall into place... perhaps it was the new stock settling, perhaps the barrel... speed seemed fairly constant between 798-804... anyway, all seemed well for about a hour. Then I though i'd have a crack at the 38yd 20mm bell... and missed an inch high. Back to sq1 again with a zero that seemingly took 2-3 shots to settle after a dialling...grrrr, it's looking like the scope... but i also noticed a strange reaction of my knee on the hamster on this 38yder making it jump like it was being tested for reflex. So I junked the hamster as it seemed to be interfering with this shot... and then every single range jumped about 2 MOA. Lifted and shifted the turret and for 30 mins everything held where it should, nothing flew out of orbit, and i hit things.

So I left it there.

Had a shoot of Steve's short stroke, and it felt much snappier... like that feeling... and his trigger felt much cleaner and crisper and the rowan felt nice as well... so i'll head in that direction I think. I'll also get a rail with incline in because I'm up the top of the turret with non adjustable mounts. Going to do windage indoors because the Bucc's plinking range has some subtle drift that's hard to spot... and hope that she's where I left her, and stays that way for Sunday.
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