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My method: stick some masking tape around the rim, and mark it off with the distances. Make a register mark on the wheel itself at 55 yards. Now peel the masking tape off.

Stick the tape onto a sheet of paper and place it under your scanner, and scan the image.

Using any graphics package (I use CorelDraw) trace over the scanned image with plain black lines, and type in the yardages by each line.

Remove the underlying scanned image and print your drawing.

Pair of scissors, cut to fit.

Stick the finished strip on the outside of the wheel, aligning with the 55 yard register point (this is why you marked the wheel, earlier).

Waterproof as you like, hey presto job done.

Sounds long winded, but gives a good result. You can save the drawing and if you find you have not got one distance quite right you can easily amend it. You can even type in the number of clicks as well as the yardage and do away with your crib card, so long as you have finalised pellet, velocity, scope height etc.
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