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Originally Posted by JAGXKRS View Post
Steve, it was not the Sussex lads that the original complaint was aimed at
As a like minded soul, you know we couldn't give a toss if it was Chris.
We're also quite happy to wear the mantle of controversy, erroneously or otherwise.
Shooting, having fun and burgers, that's us.
Nice of this board to accomodate those who like a bit of word-play and it looks like the BBS have followed suit, though for some this concession has failed to appease. Boundaries only stretch so far.
Some would do better to put less effort into tossing their toys and remember that this is a leisure activity and not an avenue for revenge for getting bullied at school.
Sussex has it's own series, to rival any in the country. A variety of venues beyond compare. Great people. A program for juniors the envy of most. Best of all, we enjoy our sport and all aspects that it entails.
Sadly some kids always preferred playing with themselves and ******** about not getting their own way. They've never out-grown the habit.

Rule 7.
"For those who've come to whinge and moan,
We wish you well, please stay at home."

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