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Default Furnace Mill Rose Bowl No:5 24/5/15

A brand new 30 target course tested us all today and without any wind to speak of I thought it was going to get cleared. Matt Hipkiss did his best and went 21 without missing, and then it all went the shape of the pear. Four of us finished on 57 with only Tony Male to take his last shot to get a 58; he fluffed it. Darrin took top honours on count-back so well done again that man.

A really nice course and not a single stoppage, well done again to all those who helped set this up. Great job.

All scores on count-back.

Darrin Lynn 57. EV2. Bushnell(xtx)
Mick Boswell 57. Ripley. Panorama (milek)
Tony Male 57. TM1000. Vortex (tone)
Ryan Ashman 57. R-10. Falcon (fusspot)
Mik Monaghan 57. HW101. Rhino (mikmon)
Matt Hipkiss. 56. S400. Panorama (BSAman)
Kev Brooks 55. EV2. Sidewinder (kev_brooks)
Dave Freeman 54. MK4. Delta (DaveF)
Bill Birch 53. FTP900. MTC Connect. (Bill-B)
Ken Swift 53. Steyr. Delta (audi-swift)
Gary Anderson Ripley. Lightstream. (Stryder5)
Graham Cole 51. MPR. MTC Connect. (gracole)
Perry Broad 51 (R) HW97. Viper. (pez)
Jody Anderson 51. Ripley Elite. MTC Mamba
Jamie Bennett 50. HFT500. MTC Viper. (jambo)
Phil Tombs 46. FTP900. Panorama. Tombzy)
Stew Powell 45. (R) HW97. Panorama. (stew)
Matt Taylor 45. HW101. Lightstream
Mick Goodenough 43. MK4. Vortex. (oldybutgoody)
Ian Sheppard DNF. FTP. Vortex. (jed_clampit)

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