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Originally Posted by rich View Post
I will put a side bet on this. The GTA etc would not take no for an answer, and to get them to quit the HO has come up with a compromise statement, that covers their own back and makes the GTA happy.
It don't half look like it don't it.

IMO Ray is right, that the GTA have started this and need a reminder of who pays the bills. Stop supporting local GTA member trade, buy from Europe - then see if the tail can still wag the dog.

I'd also suggest that if the worst does come to pass, that every single S/A is put on the S5 list, then those that supplied them, and encouraged us to buy them, should be brought to book - not that that will ever happen in a court of law, as part of any deal with the HO will be about future sales and ownership not historic, just like the Brococks. The trade already having made their money, will not care and only rub their hands together more.

Here's my prediction - European "free trade" law will be shat on by a similar amendment to that which the GTA want for the S/A guidance, saying that the "loop hole" in the VCR, allowing people to mail order from Europe, will be closed entirely - not just for S/A but for everything

IMHO S/A is just a highly convenient vehicle for the GTA to manage to do just that - S/A isn't the real target. All European imports are.