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I had a first generation S&B FT 3 years ago, TERRIBLE experience with Customer Service. The scope changed its focusing/Parallax constantly and yes, it also had those big gaps...Could not fix it and finally sold it for 50% of the cost. A friend has a PM II and swears by it and it seems to work well for FT...Both scopes have good optics..

I haven't seen any second generation and dealers in the US don't have info, but with my experience with Customer Service I would not consider this brand again.

Holly recommended me to get a Leupold Comp 40 X and I did, very good scope and a positive experience...I then got a Sightron III and this is what I am currently using/testing, very reliable and well built but a little on the heavy side...

I like Leupold better and only wish they had a 10-45 X Comp with side parallax adjustment but they don't and this is why I got the Sightron.

I will be posting my recent experience with the Custom Shop at Leupold in another thread...


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