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Originally Posted by Rutty View Post
However no amount of psychology will make up for a deficit in your shooting technique.
That (as a coach) is where I'm at with the head stuff and I'd say it's very rare in my experience to find a shooter where the head could do with more, or similar amounts of work, as compared to their technique. Shooters are extremely good at deceiving themselves as to their capabilities, you'll often hear how well they do in practice compared to competition... that's because it's not the same and competition arousal robs them (me included in 10m for instance) of the smoothness that allows them to get away with what they can't in competition. This they assume is a mental issue. It's not, it's a technique issue. If they were actually doing it how they should be and not thinking they are doing it as they should be, they wouldn't fall down as much in competition, because guess what, if you've got a good solid position that stable, it's stability can resist competition pressure, otherwise it's not stable and never was.

I've got a really good test for simulating competition pressure. Even just by talking people through it shooters recalibrate their expectations. That alone can then start a productive conversation.

You know when you have it right, the pressure doesn't find the cracks in your technique, it turns your raw coal fuel into a diamond. But if it is finding cracks then accept that and use it... turn the negative into a positive, listen to what is bothering you and consider working on that aspect of your shooting.

If you want a bedtime reading recommendation, try MEC's Ways of the Rifle. Even though it's aimed at 3p, and can get very deep in detail, there's a massive amount of solid shooting technique information to look through. And some pretty pictures and room at the back for doing your own doodles. And it's thicker, just in case you were thinking of using it to stand on in front of the mirror for that pre match chat with yourself
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