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i'll be pleased if she just stays on zero tomorrow

I had her down the range indoors on friday but really struggled with the standard stock... it's too shallow for FT sitting position, and the top of the butt was barely in my shoulder. Cheek was way off the stock as well. It grouped but i had issues with snatch. If i didn't snatch then i could get a tight group that i'd say was very acceptable. I did have to gradually dial out some final windage and elevation as the evening went on, but i put that down to me and it settling in.

New stock is on now as of today (thanks Steve), but it's only held in by the main bolt, because the front end didn't line up. But the mounts and risers are on, as is a spirit level. Scope's trued up. The other Deben I had isn't a patch on my main one, so that's back on. So if it shifts, i'll have to see if it's scope or stock. I'm hoping neither. The logic was that if i wanted to avoid using the scope off the 97 i'd still have to do all my parallax ranges if i saw shift or not because i haven't used my spare in years... this way if she's stable, i won't have to.

Fingers crossed. Touching marine ply, and getting my moggy Nero to meander in front of my down my path.

I suppose you sleeve down to get the reduce diameter?
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