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So you don't want one , don't have one , and not going to get one.
Hmmmmm , like some others on this forum wondering why your posting on this thread as you have absolutely no interest at all in the subject of SA.
You obviously have an eye for detail , probably into FT / HFT , probably using one of those fantastic all singing and dancing super rifles made in Germany or Austria.
Lovely Jubly.
Which is great , I to love those rifles , I have a Pardini GPR1 TOP, an Italian beauty converted from 6Ft/Lbs , stunning piece of kit, costing with glass over 7000 ( but still isn't finished ).
But ,like you I'm breaking the law, as it is illegal to own an air rifle that is capable of shooting over 12Ft/Lbs in the UK.
Which all these rifles are more than capable of doing , and can easily be converted to do so , indeed the Austrian brand is capable of well over 20Ft/lbs as in Austria there is no power limit.
All of these air rifles are sold and used in France who's FT/Lbs is 20 FT/Lbs.
I ,like you , and probably 2-3 thousand of others shooting FT/FT/Speed shooting/Long range/bench rest , aren't that bothered that we are breaking the law are we.
Springers are also more than capable of massive FT/Lbs tuning .
So if HO is forced in to acting, it will not only affect SA but all of our air weapons rifle and pistols.
What I really cant understand why some one would want to create a **** storm like this in the first place.
I have an SA Steyr , well I think I have , as it was sent back to the EU , to have some warranty work done , now the shop is considering sending it back or not because of what is going on at the moment him, reading UK forums.
So are we all of down to the cop shop tomorrow to hand in our air weapons ????????????????
Of coarse not , as we will all be out doing drive by shootings.