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Originally Posted by D Martin View Post
Mmmmmmmm.........If you'll get the kettle going Graham me and Ryan might even have a run up.

Hope this doesn't start any more rumours about me though as it seems that there is enough going about the NEFTA region at the minute....I'm not coming because I want to rejoin Anston.....don't want to cause any trouble as I'm not a trouble causer...don't want to turn anything into an HFT only thing...don't wanna bash anybody up as I'm really not like that....SO NO MORE PHONE CALLS PLEASE....I just want to shoot and enjoy it no matter where I choose to do it

For those that don't know what the hell I'm on about and think I've lost it...don't worry.
For those that's getting boring

Now I've got that off my chest can we just get on with it)

He He.......aren't the NEFTA jungle drums brilliant Dave
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