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Originally Posted by richardh View Post
Those who have lobbied for a change in interpretation of existing law need to be very careful what they wish for.

It will be very easy for this to result in the loss of anything at all that self loads including the target pistols, bb replicas, airsoft.....

In fact it's not much of a stretch to suggest that simply banning precharged guns would from the home office's perspective solve the problem at the stroke of the pen remember there's a clause that says the Home Secretary can ban any specially dangerous airgun at will without additional legislation.

I understand the home office have had a huge amount of correspondence on this subject in the last couple of weeks from a number of sources and I understand the situation will be formally clarified soon but always remember asking for more firearms legislation is a very blunt instrument and will no doubt carry unintended consequences

When the truth is made public as it always is there will be a lot of very upset consumers.

and many upset PROPONENTS no doubt...who have their agenda (anything to do with per chance ?)

It is >>> THEY <<< who have rocked the boat...

Lots of social shunning to be expected. Civil, diplomatic behaviour expected, towards "them"..but run for the hills like "they" are plagued with Ebola.