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Default Evolution

[QUOTE=Ratinator;188935]Just had a mad thought race through my disturbed mind, would it be better to grade a session?

It was just a question,!!

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Right, so we're binning talking about session grades now then?

I agree the initial post was about peoples grades but it has evolved into something bigger.

Ok, so after a whole two grand prix, the top place is still stop place, and those in the trophies are no more than 1 place away from each other.... after two grand prix. The only person who has moved a great deal is Andras.

I'm sure at the moment my idea would get a vote from Andras

Questions Simon:

The BFTA spends several 1000 on trophies at the moment.

Now you have an AM & PM scoring system.

That was not my intention ,the throphies could still go to top scores.

1) Everything is perfectly balanced until the last GP. AM Session high score in this last GP is 45. It's awarded 100% by the 2nd place man. PM session high score is 50. The shooter currently in 1st place gets 46, equating to 92%.

Now does that shooter who gets 46 lose the championship.

If those are the rules decided by the BFTA then yes

2) At Avon Hawkes I was the only piston shooter AM. I assume i'd get the 100%. I missed GP2, and with dropped scores I would be joint 1st correct? Even though I came close to last on the day.

If piston class is separate to PCP is it fair that you don't receive 100% for top piston score on the day anyway?

I really do get the idea that sessions can change the balance. That's one reason why I strongly offer the EFTA reps the opinion that the Worlds should not be done in sessions. However, in the event that you can't do just one session, there has to be more than one. The balance is that more shooters can attend. But unless you separate the sessions into separate competitions, there will always be a potential for inequality. You cannot change that. You can try all day long, but there will always be a circumstance where there's an apparent inequality.
Personally, I go with targets being hit as the guidance, in the same way the EFTA officially objected in Germany when a target was going to be pulled and everyone given a hit, because day 1 we would have had the top two places tied, with one shooter saying he plain well missed the target in question, and the other hitting it. The chap in question was most gracious in saying he would not like to win the title having hit less targets. That was a potential outcome.

I would have to agree that the honesty of the shooter was very gracious but if the people running the shoot decide other wise should we not respect that decision ?

Efforts are made as much as possible to negate the effects of different sessions or different courses,

How are these efforts implemented?

but unless you have one session, one course, with everyone shooting at the same time, then you have to accept that there's a random effect that can occur, and the best remedy is to flatten all 50... that is unless you use session scoring in which case you just make sure you're the only person in your grade shooting in your session, in which case hit 1, then sit back with a burger and watch your partners go at the next 24 lanes, because trophy or not, you've got your 100%.

I don't think anyone would travel 100's of miles and spend 12 to enter a shoot then have a burger from the van whilst people are shooting the other 24 lanes .

It's not perfect, but often the best solution is the one that is the least imperfect. If you are going to think of an alternative, spend the time thinking about the potential problems, otherwise one can argue the idea is not been thoroughly thought through.
Agree 110%
I have not thought this through at all,i never intended to think it through.
I did point out it was a mad idea that had raced through my mind ,not a long journey I know
And at no point did I ever suggest it was anything other than a topic of dribble that we call all talk dribble about.
However it would seem that the BFTA does think this dribble thread has some substance,and they have suggested that I take this idea to my local rep so it can be submitted.
I am deeply sorry if any of my comments on here have offended anyone,that was never the intention.
I am sure that field target has evolved over the years,and I'm sure some of what we think is good at the moment was stupid when it got suggested but that is Evolution.
I have the utmost respect for the clever people on here that have been around the sport for a lot longer than I have,but ALL I did was ask a question.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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