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Exactly Rob. The gap size in itself does not mean anything. You can achieve bigger gaps either by changing the snail drive inside, or by using a 15" sidewheel. The gap size in itself means only how big numbers you can write onto the wheel. The really important thing is the resolution, that is measured in yards or metres, i.e. if I rangefind the same long target 10 times, how much is the spread of the results. 0.5 m is very good, 3 m is poor. No matter how much mms it is on the wheel.

My first S&B scope was a prototype (but sold to me as a production series model ), that had a linear scale, every metre was 8 mm on the 5" wheel. This was very annoying, because I had to rotate the wheel very quickly for the long ranges to see any difference. The scope that I'm using now, it has got smaller gaps on the long ranges, but I can rangefind with the same rotation so at 20 metres as at 50 metres, this is much better.
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