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1) BASC needs to do a"Press Release" ASAP clarifying this matter up - when and after they get the minutes of the meeting between the GTA & Home Office.

2) Will the ISSF and react to a HO ban on the Rapid Fire discipline disappearing from the UK ?

and , seriously,

3) will UK shop owners be prosecuted for having sold "rifled guns" ie: semi auto pistols with "rifled" barrels (sub 6 ft/lb) , now that the GTA has kindly "helped clarify the law" that stood since 1968 ??? Is that what they are saying ?


LP50 - Semi Auto Pistols with rifled barrels (Sub 6 ft'lb) sold in UK at UK shops at present:


Shop onwers & Customers to be arrested and or fined by CPS over the Steyr LP50 ?

Interesting release date..


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in contrast to Firearms Act 1968 being quoted :

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FAILING the above , there is 1 final chance, *IF* the Minutes of the Meeting between HO & GTA bode for the worse

>>> (currently offline due to election, but expect it back online)

(from: )

FINAL POINT > the UK National Governing Bodies- maybe some of you want to spread the word & update them ? > NSBRA, Disability Shooting UK, NRA, etc..etc..


NB: "rifled guns" > 'rifled' > Adjective > PLUS word: gun = Semi Auto LP50 pistol (a gun), with 'rifled' barrel - is also "caught" if its defined in this manner - so the trade has walked on its own landmine (IMHO)

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