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I will put a side bet on this. The GTA etc would not take no for an answer, and to get them to quit the HO has come up with a compromise statement, that covers their own back and makes the GTA happy.

This will go the same way as the Brocock fiasco, up until a certain date we will be able to declare ownership of SA under 12fpe, we will receive a certificate of permitted possession so long as we dob out 88 for a FAC. The terms of the certificate will be that we can't sell the rifle to anybody, we can only keep it as our own, there will be no spare parts, no servicing, no gunsmith allowed to touch it as it will technically be S5, or we can hand them in for destruction.

As the HO has no idea how many SA rifles are here right now, other than the numbers that GTA have plucked out of the air as part of their scare tactics, just like the air cartridge fiasco, maybe 80 percent will just disappear without trace.

So then the HO really have cocked it, another batch of prohibited weapons in public ownership, unlicensed, and no idea of their whereabouts.

I tell you, you couldn't make it up.