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Originally Posted by oldtanky7642 View Post
Does Brian , want one , has he got one , will he get one.
Nope to all 3

At the moment, the only thing standing in the way of SA airguns being a seriously naughty thing to own is the Home Office guidance and the CPS policy. If that guidance changes, and it can very easily. Then you're up shit street.

It doesn't require an act of parliament, it just requires the HO to issue new guidance - and then all of a sudden you have a Section 5 prohibited weapon in your possession with a very poor legal defence.

I sincerely hope that doesn't happen.. but the rumours I'm hearing from people in contact with the BASC and from people involved with the GTA suggest that it's a very real concern.

Personally, I'd be cautious if I were considering buying a semi-automatic.

If I already owned one, I'd be keeping my mouth shut and not helping to raise the concerns of the home office further.