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The part about , not prosecuting UK power legal SA owners , came out after what Mr Lassman wrote about in his letter.
so is more recent thinking ,I would presume they would go along with that , we could live in hope i suppose and wish the UK , would take the lead from France who opted to raise the power output from 6t/Lbs to 20 .
Second thoughts nanny state , that aint going to happen.
I still cant help wonder if this isn't about loss of sales to the EU.
If it is , it's ridiculously short sighted , as it's only because the Euro has fallen through the floor , which is making prices so favourable over there, helped i'm sure by the Greek cock up, not saying it still might be cheaper in the EU.
This will change in the future , indeed it could even reverse , will AMTA and GTA moan like old women then , when the EU starts shopping in the UK , I don't think so.
Does Brian , want one , has he got one , will he get one.