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We will obviously have to wait and see just what does happen now that the GTA have rocked the boat.

My interest is that a "Trade body" has started this running and there was no input from any shooters representative organisation. I'm astounded that this could happen as because it was so secret and closed you could put any kind of accusation together as to what went on. Denyability would be difficult as it was a "secret" meeting. If we hadn't come across the GTA memo we would still be in the dark. Why does the GTA finish it's memo with a threat of prosecution. Are they going to surrender their members who have sold semi-auto pistols

As I said earlier it's the principle behind this that's important and in this case semi-auto's are the vehicle that highlighted the undemocratic action that took place.

In the latest Guidance on Firearms Law (March 2015) says that sub 12FPE rifles (sub 6FPE pistols) are not required to be certificated so therefore cannot be Section 5.

Para's 1.3 and 2.43.