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Originally Posted by nemesis View Post
Ok I wasn't going to post on here but I can't stand back and let fellow FT shooters buy this scope without saying a few words.
In a nutshell save your money and get the PM11. I'm under no contractual obligations to keep quite on this anymore. I tested this scope for them over a few months last year and found it appaling. It's 2 scopes in one. From 10yrd to 45 it snaps in and out simular to the PM11 but slightly more vague. From 45 to 55 yds I found it simular to the fixed comp. This I found almost impossible to even mark the wheel up accurately, this probably account's for the reports from some German shooters reporting no temp shift, because it's that vague you won't notice it. I kept getting various ranges when trying to range a 55yd target.
The optics aren't as good as the PM11. They had a noticeable brown tinge to them also looking at white paper/targets there was a distinctive refraction around the edges, like a rainbow effect. This is what you normally associate on cheap lenses. I have had 2 PM11s and stripped both of them to rectify what schmidt should of done from the factory so i know to a certain point how they work inside.
The reason why it's so vague after 45yd is I believe they altered the worm drive profile to get bigger gaps thus making it more vague in the process.
All this was relaid back to them, did they listen, did they hell.
Instead they sung it's praises professing that top German shooters have developed it . Just be cautious who you listen to and ask yourself do these people who have tested it have anything to gain from it.
I am been totally honest in what I've said and I can't bear the thought someone spending a lot of money on this scope. TRY IT FIRST if your struck on buying it, you you might get on with it. I spent a lot of my time doing reports to them even prior to getting the scope for testing. I told them everything about the PM11 and what I believed was the cause of the excessive temp shift. I spent 3.5 yrs learning my PM11. After the report was passed to them it was announced that the new FT scope was in production and advertised with the bold claim, it doesn't move in temp. Unbelievable, I strongly believe that the only reason why it was given to me to test for them was a marketing ploy to help promote it for them. That's why I told nobody I was testing it. Schmidt bender need to listen more instead of having the attitude of we know best and that's it. What's the point of having people waste their time testing their products if they don't listen just because it's not what they want to hear. Another thing to consider when purchasing there scopes is there's nobody over here who is commissioned to repair them. It would have to go back to the factory with a lead time of 12 wks, and another thing don't even think about sending it yourself, if it gets seized by customs your in big trouble plus it will be the last you see of it. Schmidt bender produce some of the best optical scopes on the market, I've looked through many scopes and there's not one that matches the clarity and brightness of the PM11. But they've let the side down with the FT Mark 2.
No doubt I'll get some stick over what I've said but I cannot sit by and say nothing knowing some people out there are thinking of spending a huge amount of money on this scope without knowing the truth.
Well Neil, that clears that up then doesn't it! As I say, developed by Germans for Germans with German input.
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