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It will be interesting to see what happens when this problem is resolved.

Terry Doe doesn't speak for me.
The GTA don't speak for me.
AMTA don't speak for me.

What all the above need is me. They have patently ignored the fact that without me (us) they are nothing, have nothing and will sell nothing.
I have been objecting to their actions for a number of years because the last people they consider are customers.
We have to stop the tail wagging the dog.

I can't think of any other manufacturing/retail outfit that has so little regard for their customers. It's about time us customers started voting with our wallets.

Perhaps a new section on every Board (except of course the BBS) where we can list E.U. dealers and our experience of using them. This could save us very many British pounds that we can spend on even more goods from the E.U. We now know it's cheaper