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What i do find strange about the letter from Mr Lassman , is what came after , and his failure to mention in his letter, like this little snippets of info .
like the one about .
The home Office sent a letter advising ACPO that private holding of such weapons WOULD NOT ATTRACT PROSECUTION , subject to any test case ,
So as such it would be difficult to imagine a successful enforcement .
A different questing to is it legal i know , but there you are.
He would of known of this letter , so why was it left out ?
the other question to be asked is , why would AMTA , GTA bring a cluster bomb of this magnitude down on themselves , knowing in full well , that clarification of the law would be asked for , now being pushed for very vigorously by some professional bodies .
Bearing in mind it clearly says rifled guns , not differentiating pistol or rifle , now this is huge , and is going to have a massive impact on air gunning.
Why indeed would you want to shove a stick , massive barge pole in this instance , into the ear of the sleeping giant.
This is not going to go away , it's going to fester , people are going to push and shove , until the law lords have no choice but to act .
Then gentlemen air gunning is going to change dramatically in the UK.