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Totally agree Rob having had dealings direct with S&B in 2006, they will not listen and always correct.
Most scope producers think requirements for FT is massive gaps so tend to reduce the focal range at expense of performance.

If that's true Sven what use is 10mm gap every metre over 45metres, 5mm from 45 to 50m adequate if can control. 9M to infinity will be the one over the FT more than ample for 10 yards as sub 15 yard are frowned upon nowadays.
Seen two prototype at Shooting Show Feb 2014, looked very good nothing like earlier PM1 and FT fooling user in to thinking its brighter than actually is, SV gone same route as well.

Know two people that had a prototype pm2 mk2 borrowed me Third Eye mounts, they slung it back ones a member on here.
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