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Originally Posted by Ash Bailey View Post
1 Mik Monaghan (Open)
2. Mick Boswell (Open)
3. Karl Guest (Open)
4. Kev brooks (open)
5. Bill Birch (open)
6. Mitch birch (jr)
7. Dave Freeman (open)
8. Ken Swift ( Open )
9.Graham Cole (open)
10 Stew Powell (recoiling)
11. Mick Goodenough (open
12. Geoff Jones (open)
13. Gary Anderson (open)
14. Jody Anderson (open)
15. Perry Broad (recoiling)

Sorry guys, going somewhere I can take the dog!
Oh Ash just cause i beat you with your own cylinder last Sunday lol thanks again mate ! you will be missed this Sunday !
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