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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
What so you think ah, i need to score better this round, i'll hit more targets?
Rob for the record none of this is said with any heat in it, I'm chilling out with a brew but slightly miffed.

I use it for more than that, I work out raw hit averages and % (not shooter influenced), what I've done on kneelers/standers, what others in my grade are doing. Maybe you don't have an interest in it Rob but like me, we're not everybody. You may think it's pointless/useless but I can tell you for sure that most sports use it with sponsors on the info sheets and it also helps spin news and views. I can also tell you that reports and stat sheets are the most shared things on social media. So instead of seeing it as a dead weight just see it as a celebration of "the match" and key communication.

What would you rather do, the above or just put the score cards in dark room and not tell anyone about it? How does the sport grow and move to the next level if all you generate is one XL spread sheet a year!

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I understand the banter point, but spreading it around so it muddles people doesn't help the main aim, which is for people to know what grade they actually are in for the season.
The solution is better communication and how you present the data, at the moment we don't do anything other than a single list on one post that changes every month. Go and look at what other sports do and what the ISSF do, it works, you just have to do it properly. The data isn't the problem, the communication of it is.

Look how popular Shaun's reports and all the photographs are but we do so little reporting, it's a proper shame.

Clarity of message and direct communication can be done at club and via email, if you already have that data it's a ten minute job.

If you think that's too much work, then get and invite more people in to help.
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