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Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
Both the above will probably not be up to date.
The GP Grading list is most definitely NOT upto date. It is frozen at the start of the GP series in accordance with the GP rules (available to read on the BFTA Website - it's rule 2)

There are some instances where new shooters who didn't have a card at the start of the season will be added to that list so that they can enter a GP as a regular shooter and not a guest.

and shooters who were ungraded at the start of the season and given a "A" grade may be updated also, if it doesn't cause a problem.

Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
The above is always up to date with new / returning shooters and New shooters who have been regraded, that's what shooters /Regions etc should be using.
The GP grading list is the only list that should be used for GP's. If a Region decides to use a different list, that will be completely disregarded by the scoring system and the Region run the risk of awarding a Trophy to someone who might not be in the correct grade or excluding someone from the raffle and when they shouldn't have.
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