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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I know, but when they look at their card and see AA and say "but I was in A, i want to be in A" etc then it causes an issue.
Then that's just poor communication isn't it, not impossible to improve and easy to solve.

You should only ever be allowed to elect to go upwards IHMO.

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
There needs to be one point of reference, and that should not change all season. The drop-in into A is a cludge that will have to be lived with until someone comes up with something better.

I am not convinced showing a shooter their progress or lack of it, or their decline is a good thing. I'm sure no-one would deliberately dump a shoot to win some tin, and likewise who can say "oh i need to shoot a bit better today" and do it? So what's the point? As we've discussed, even if you move 20% in one shoot, you only move 1% in your grade, and for most, that won't make any difference.
If I know it changes before the GP and before the start of the W/L surely everyone does, if not then it's only a communication problem again.

A move of 20% would be more than 1% and it's also dependant on how many outliers are in your rolling 20.

More data is better than none, I use it to see how I'm doing and others don't give a fly V about it, that's up to them. I'd rather have more than none at all, it gives me goals to head for and tells me what I need to do, the outcome is often different but if presented properly it's always useful.
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