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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
You only need to look at your card or we could get some of these made up for the first GP Rob

I know, but when they look at their card and see AA and say "but I was in A, i want to be in A" etc then it causes an issue.

There needs to be one point of reference, and that should not change all season. The drop-in into A is a cludge that will have to be lived with until someone comes up with something better.

I am not convinced showing a shooter their progress or lack of it, or their decline is a good thing. I'm sure no-one would deliberately dump a shoot to win some tin, and likewise who can say "oh i need to shoot a bit better today" and do it? So what's the point? As we've discussed, even if you move 20% in one shoot, you only move 1% in your grade, and for most, that won't make any difference.
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