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Originally Posted by sven View Post
Sounds very logical Rob. But please remember I tried a scope that was very clearly marked "prototype". Engraved in capitals below the S&B trademark on the ocular bell. I cannot imagine S&B does not understand what a FT scope needs to be. They put quite some effort in over the years. The big question remains if they succeeded. But I also think it is way to quiet around this scope for that to be true.
True, it's a prototype... but then why bother prototyping something that in a few minutes you can tell doesn't work, and basic optical physics tells you it won't work as well?

Either you have bright, wide and vague rangefinding, or dark, narrow and good rangfinding. Obviously there's a balance, but why make a scope wider than the 20-50 which isn't known for it's snapping focus?

You'd be surprised just how many scope manufacturers don't understand FT and think that you need bright and wide because shooters can't find targets. It's like they've never heard of natural point of aim.

I really do wonder who they talk to, and the experience in FT those people have.
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