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I had a try with the S&B FT2 (marked "prototype") and did some rangefinding for 5 minutes. Right after an FT match that I shot with my own scope. Did some rangefinding on FT targets at 46, 48 and 50 meters distance.

Before I had done this I thought I needed to save the money to buy a S&B. But I have to say I was not impressed by the rangefinding capabilities compared to my own scope. The distances for every meter (from 10 up to 50 m) are 10mm apart on the wheel of the S&B, that looks very good. But I found rangefinding quite hard compared to my 20-50x premier boosted Leupold. With the S&B the difference in image sharpness between a 48 and a 50m target was not very obvious to me. Just as Maestro mentions above.
For me it was much easier to repeatedly rangefind with the Leupy. I could not repeatedly rangefind the same distance on the 46 and 50m targets with the S&B. But I only used it for 5 minutes so maybe it needs getting used to.
I also found the image of the target looked very small, to me it looked like it was only on 20 mag, while it actually was on 50. This could be due to a larger field of view compared to the Leupold, not sure, it also had a scope enhancer on it which I'm not used to.
On the other hand: The owner of this scope has used for a year now and was very satisfied with it. No temp shift and better than his old type S&B FT he said (but he does also sell these scopes). And he beat me with 3 points it that match (46 to 43). So it can't be a very bad scope.

No clues on the temp sensitivity, .
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