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Hi. I shoot in Germany very often with Adam Benke. He has a FT 2 Prototyp and sold allready several to different shooters. I tried it myself and compared it with my Nikko,March and S&B FT 1 and FT 2 (not a Prototyp) from Team members. The optical Quality is much brighter then my Nikko when you shoot in dark areas or cloudy Weather. Rangefinding is very easy once You get use to the Big gaps. Not one Owner Talked about Temp Shift yet and Adam is using his now more then 1 1/2 years without any Problems.
The Customer Service from S&B is a different Story.
I Hope You get a Test Scope. You would like it.
If I take the priece in consideration, I like my Nikko very much and wait for more sunlight.
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