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I presume you mistyped 'arm' in your first sentence above. It is the wrist and hand that cannot be supported by the leg.

It's a subject that has been discussed a lot. A more classical stance would be with the tip of the elbow rested on the knee with the wrist and hand well away from any contact with the leg.

In FT and HFT it is allowed to rest the forearm on the thigh. The rule in HFT has always been that the wrist and hand cannot be supported to stop people resting their hand on the leg and the gun on top of a supported hand etc.

The test statement for this has always been that the hand must be able to be lowered or dropped and, on doing so, no contact should be possible with the hand on the leg ( knee ). This used to be demostrated at the safety brief.

As shooters do, people have found ways to push this law right to it's limit. So people will pull the arm back along the thigh so all of the forearm is rested on the thigh. Could the hand be dropped 'fully' by these shooters and touch the kneecap or leg? You decide.

People also have their arm going at an angle across the thigh. In this case all of the hand doesn't technically sit 'forwards' with relation to the entire position and the knee ( it's not closer to the target than the end of the knee ). It will be 'inside' the knee. Lots of people do it so it's become accepted. The wording of the rule can be a bit confusing here( re forwards ), but the rule was to stop people resting the hand on the knee/leg, and it's often said that the rules need some common sense applying to them so you don't have a Bible for a set of rules.

Supported standers etc.

The signs used to say 'Supported' and 'Unsupported'.

You may still shoot at clubs that use those signs.

It seems now that the unsupported standers/kneelers will have a 4 inch post/peg in the ground with the number next to that 4 inch post. The posts used to be 12 inches like all the other prone shots ( or shots mainly taken prone ). People were using the 12 inch posts to rest on ( kneelers ), so the pegs for unsupported standers/kneelers were reduced to 4 inches.

The supported standers/kneelers have the number of that target on or by the support ( a tree etc ). You may also see some paint ( a yellow blob etc ) on the support.

Don't worry too much about the rules fella. Get along to a local club and tell them it's your first time. They will put you with someone who will explain things as you go around the course.

Kingsley HFT is near to you. Go to one of their shoots. Very friendly and relaxed small club. You can also go to the excellent shoots in the NW region ( Fort/Rivi/Oldham etc ). They will all be within an hour or so of you.

Just enjoy.

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