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I am sorry you had the boot on the other forum MM, I am STILL active on the post ,but like you Don't think for much longer with 2 admins on my case!! TRYING HARD not to get drawn into a personal slanging match and stay on topic. Its all gone quiet and probably the thread as burnt out its usefulness and people are just quoting what they see as right. This debate wouldn't have been here if the GTA had invited Basc into consultation instead of having a meeting with HO behind closed doors.
Things have changed since the 1997 agreement was implemented, air rifles more accurate, better shot count safer etc. but most of all us air rifle shooters We are not children , clandestine meetings don't cut it anymore, we want clarity fair play and a say what we can shoot as freedom of choice is a wonderful thing, don't let them take it off us the powers to be who don't represent the likes of you and me.

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