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Hi Ceathreamhnan,

Thanks for the reply, I thought I had read that the leading arm should not be able to make contact with the leg if lowered?

This paragraph is taken directly from those rules I might not have read,

"The leading hand should also be forward of the knee, to illustrate this the supporting hand should be dropped down vertically, if it contacts with any part of the knee/leg the supporting hand is deemed too far back & therefore not forward of the knee."

Hence my query about this position.

In respect of standin position, paragraph below is also taken directly from the UKAHFT rules posted on their web site,


Only your feet may be in contact with the ground.

The un-supported standing only shot will be designated by a 4" tall peg, no other forms of support are allowed for this shot (peg/tree)

Supported Kneeling/Standing

The above rules apply with the exception that any part of the rifle or body may be resting on the supporting tree/object. If a number of supporting objects are available, some part of the rifle or body must be touching the support marked with the peg number as the shot is taken. In addition to touching the numbered support you may also make use of any other supporting objects. "

I just thought that there would have been something on the firing point to state "supported" or the lack of any instruction other than 'standing', would mean unsupported, my bad.

Obviously the sooner I can get out and experience a hft shoot/competition the quicker I will start to understand the process, hopefully improving my shooting as well.

Thanks again for replying,

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