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I saw this scope on the last Europeans, it had very big gaps on the wheel, like the prototype of the old FT model, it was quite hard to rangefind with it, but it was only a few minutes play with it, not a thorough test. I wasn't really convinced about optical quality, and obviously could not test for temp shift.

I was promised by the factory to have a test scope, this was 15 months ago, I'm still waiting and they don't even answer my e-mails in the last time... A German shooter told me that the new scope wasn't really ready yet and this is why the deep silence is.

As you may know, I was the one who first documented and published the temp shift issue of S&B scopes, after testing many scopes in Hungary and in the UK. If I had a new scope for a few weeks, I would be able to share precise test results and tell you, how much it shifts or doesn't shift. (I'm afraid that exactly this is the reason why I won't ever have a test scope
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