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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Hello Dean, it wasn't a reply specifically to your post but it did prompt me to say something, as some of the louder voices in this marketplace have been saying there is no justifiable need for SA under any circumstances.

I disagree with that.

The need has to be more than a desire; to compete at national level and to desire to win means that you need to have equipment equal to the best, in terms of function. I'm referring to target shooting now, not hunting. Not everyone can win, but if you don't think you can, you won't.
I didn't say that there wasn't a need, and referring to competition I think I can win occasionallyas I knoow a lot is confidence in your ability and getting the results and I understand where you are coming from, as my equipment is pretty well sorted after 7 years of HFT, but the best equipment is not always the most expensive or the latest, its how well it all works together and how well you know it..

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