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Originally Posted by gavin hopps View Post
rite thanks for clearing that for me brian.
Ya couldnt belive i got into the showdown. So i looked into it, so i can see what its about. Should be good to have a go, think the 1min a lane will be hard.
Its tough, but a lot of it is about not making any mistakes, and if you do, dealing with them fast. It's great fun and anything can happen. I've been knocked out on a 19/20 and others in the same session have gone through on an 11.

You can do a lot before the clock starts... get comfy, load, guess a dialing, guess a range, relax, choose where you think you'll be aiming, put eye to scope and get a range once/twice tops, confirm the guess or adjust, send the shot... 10 secs possibly. 50 secs for the next shot. If you get your pellets so you're not fumbling, your numbers so your not reaching, and everything else so you're not faffing, then it's a lot of time saved. Most people wonder what exactly to do with 2 mins after they've shot a showdown.

Go over your routine with someone timing you, and better if they know what you're doing, and you can iron out the speed bumps.

My first showdown, round 1, I got partnered with Ian Taylor. Lapped it up, was never going to beat him from C grade so sat back and got the best 20 shot shooting lesson someone could ask for.
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