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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Thought it might be fun, useful, something to do etc to go from a stock standard rifle to full blown FT rig, and note the changes and reasons why along the way.

Everything is off the shelf full price, just stated because some have thought that kit rains down on me free from the trees.

The starting point is a TX200 full length mk3 .177 running at 12ft-lbs (for our international fans) (not chrono'd yet) purchased from the NSRA shop for 406.

Next are some mounts. Sportsmatch. Because I'm having some shift issues on the HW97 i'm trying to eliminate all possible shift points on this rig from day1, so i've gone from some non adjustable this time... i can swap to them later once I know all is well. I'm not doubting the adjustables on the springer, because even when they had all the bolts out, they were loctited and still held together and I still saw shift. But i can rule them in/out later.
Got the lowest 30mm I can get (for when I get a rail) and some mediums which I can make higher with some Sportsmatch riser blocks I have in the meantime. I'm pretty happy with Sportsmatch, all I do is swap the bolts for some stainless steel ones. Got them from Tawnado airguns. I ordered them Sunday, I had a missed delivery card yesterday. So 2 pairs 53 delivered.

Scope will be a Deben 10-50x56 out of the cupboard, different to my current one. That way if this rig doesn't shift i can swap scopes and see if there's a problem with my current one.

Also on order is a CS1000 from custom stocks, who are doing a 10% discount still, so that's 30 saved. I've got a Maccari on the 97, which is a CS1000 clone (? which came first ?) and so I thought i'd go with that as the feel should be similar. I'll throw my G&E Return hook on because i'm pretty happy with that as well. It's got an AJP knob on it for quick movement. I'll also get an AJP rail made up once i've got the scope height sorted. That way i'll have the scope where I want on the level, and be able to move the hook quick for any shots up and down.
The standard stock shoulders nice for standing, but sitting it's too shallow and the cheek comb is way to low... so she's gotta go.
In the interim I'm borrowing/stealing Mr. Privett's old handmade tx200 stock which he says is a good fit and he's seen no zero shift with. So hopefully Sunday i'll be able to take the original mk3 stock around to Helen's dad where he'll hopefully cross my palms with silver. But it has a small nick on the stock which it arrived with so there may be some bartering going on... or me phoning the NSRA shop Monday.
If i wasn't selling it on, i could cut a raising cheekpiece on and bolt on a fore-end as a much cheaper solution.

Internals I'm leaving for a bit, but i'll probably line up some new bits once i know what I want. Apparently this short stroke thing is all the latest fad, my old 97 never felt 'quick' but as it was accurate i didn't really care. (the issue being it wouldn't keep the very tight group in the same place for a long time). I probably won't get too obsessive with internals. I just want them consistent, and reliable, and ideally not sounding like a coughing horse.

So we're up to about 750 with the new bits. The hook's are running at around 370 from intershoot, which is inline with the 500 euros they're fetching in Europe. I bought mine years ago 2nd hand.
Debens aren't a popular scope, which is great, because they're cheap, bombproof, and if Mr Ayers or Mr Hancox doesn't see them up for grabs I get there first. So what, 1300 rig? Lets say 1500 with the rail, trigger and tuning bits. I could probably shave 700 off that with some home made heath robinson stuff on the stock and the standard plate, but i'm fitting it around what i'm used to... but 1500 isn't bad for something I'd expect to perform right up to the top end of FT competition and take plenty of PCP scalps along the way. 700 would probably get me very close though, and it's just familiarity that's making me go down the CS & GE route.

So far so good. I had a few shots with her on Monday with a quickly bolted on scope, and managed to get a rough zero within a few mins at 30m. Most going through the same hole in some normal paper, but it was more an exercise in just getting her shot in a bit. Trigger feels a bit rough so i suspect i'll be hunting down some tuning reference for that. I'm looking at an adjustable trigger from Rowan as well.
Cocking action seems considerably much easier than my vmach97... Area52 is wondering if that effort is perhaps pulling zero out. Still getting used to the anti bear trap. That may have to go. Dunno.

Looking forward to Steve's loaner stock Sunday, getting the Deben on, and getting some lead down the range in aim to be vaguely competitive for the GP the weekend after.
Anti bear trap...stick a sliver of plastic in there...sorted, if u don't go down the alloy piston route, get the piston rod changed to the mk1,2 length and mk1,2 internals be similar to your hw... hope it all comes together for you rob....been down the misbehaving hw route myself as u know..cant fault my tx
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