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Originally Posted by rich View Post
There are perfectly valid reasons why someone might seek to have a semi auto. I will give you one. Do you subscribe to the idea that hunting with a sub 12fpe rifle always results in a clean kill, regardless? If you do, then you are in a very small minority.
Hi Rich, If you are referring to my post,I think that I have shot enough vermin, ground game, game and wildfowl, to qualify myself as a hunter with shotguns and air rifles. and nothing 'always' results in a clean kill, but the majority of shots should do. I dont have any bother with a back up shot either when needed, using a multishot .

I agree there is a reason if you do shoot a lot of rabbits for instance, on a regular basis, or you were a full time or part time pest controller or game keeper (I have done both on a part time basis in the past), although the normal multishots can be used pretty quick for a follow up shot without taking your eye from the scope, as I can with my AA 410.

I am not saying there is not a valid reason if you were referring to my post, but how many of us shoot more than a few hundred a year of anything to really to justify an SA air rifle. I think you have might mentioned a form of quickfire target shooting for your use in past posts. Nothing wrong with that I suppose either.

I have found the multishot much better than a single shot for the thousands of rabbits I have shot over the years I admit, but I dont need an SA........... although I wouldn't mind one if they were clarified. or I wouldn't mind putting one on my SGC, as might happen in Scotland with ordinary air rifles.

I hope this has not gone off topic too much, but perhaps we should question what they are needed for before shouting 'I have a right for one' and 'I believe they are legal' because 'my reading of the interpretation of the guidelines states' whatever.

Food for thought.

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