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I have been following this thread on here and the BBS with interest and I can see where Brian is coming from, and fully agree, its all in the wording.
Too many people are using the HO guidelines to interpret and use as a cover or for their own needs.

It is not unknown for HO guidance to be over ruled in court cases, and interpretation of the law used instead.

Although I do not have anything to do with Terry Doe and the GTA, they have no choice but to tell their members not to deal with SA air rifles until this has clarification in law, or at least in a better worded document, as Brian has eluded to I believe. How can they risk their members livelihoods.

How can they take chances advising their members as they are there to protect them unless absolutely certain. (please do not post a copy of the HO guidelines etc as I'm getting bored of the conversations going around in circles, and around, and around).

Looking long term do we really need SA rifles not on some kind of licence? Not sure that I would like them out there myself without a licence or good reason. I'm not trying to ban them or stop our rights but I can see the press having a field day if any incidents do ever occur with one. Its bad enough with the tabloids now with ordinary air guns and licensed weapons blowing things out of proportions or misleading when anything happens.

Personally, I would not risk a criminal prosecution or losing my SGC until I was sure over an SA air rifle , and guidelines aren't law, they are what it says on the tin, guidelines. I will carry on hunting with a multishot PCP(not SA) and single shot until the LAW is clarified.

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