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In 1997 the Home Office acknowledge the wording of Section 5 was wrong. They attempted to resolve that by issuing HOC 68/97.
The CPS are in agreement and so are ACPO so there will be no prosecutions.

The failure here is that the Home Office didn't ensure that Parliament corrected the wording at an early date. There could be many reasons for this but I suspect there was never a high enough priority placed on it because the HOC had it covered. Parliamentary time is precious and without any kind of priority the amendment just didn't happen.

We now have a scenario where the GTA appear to be raising this for their own purposes. They apparently had/have no problem selling semi-auto pistols but don't want to sell rifles. That is their choice but they shouldn't be whinging when "customers" make alternative arrangements. In the making of those arrangements the "customers" have now found they can save a lot of money buying other products from E.U. dealers. We now have a very crestfallen GTA who by their own actions have sold their own members down the river.


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