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Originally Posted by AlsoFishes View Post
What it says about firearms is irrelevant because SUB 12FT/LB AIR Rifles and SUB 6 FT/LB AIR PISTOLS are specifically exempt from firearms laws, FFS!
They do not fall under the laws you are quoting!
Sub 12 rifles and sub 6 pistols are NOT EXEMPT from firearms laws. (otherwise you'd be able to have fully automatic sub 12 airguns nevermind semi automatics)

What happened was in 1997 when they amended Section 5.. they put this in Section 5(1)(ac)..

"gun which is not an air weapon"
and forgot to put it in the section above 5(1)(ab)

That means that technically, and I emphasise the word "TECHNICALLY" they are included in the law and are TECHNICALLY prohibited and TECHNICALLY illegal.

PRACTICALLY... the Home Office and CPS have said that not including "gun which is not an air weapon" in section 5(1)(ab) was a mistake that they hope to correct at the next opportunity (it's been 18 years already though). Because it was a mistake to leave out those words.. even though Technically they are against the law, they will not prosecute you.