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Originally Posted by maxtich View Post
Let me make it more clear to you!
I wanted the F.A.C version of the S-Auto air rifle,as it would suit me better allowing me faster follow up shots.
We discussed as to why .22 r/f S-Autos are allowed which are several times more powerful.he agreed with me and added at the time the p.c.p air rifles were not around.
Mr Lassman confirmed to me that sub 12 FT lbs were fine and legal to buy and use, but my F.A.C version would be section 5. Hence the e-mail confirming!!
You're missing the point I'm making about Word Play

They are fine to buy and use
They are also prohibited by the law

Both of those statements are true.

The email from Mr Lassman posted above does not say they are legal, it says you don't need a certificate.
Do you have an email that actually says they are legal - using those words?

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