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Originally Posted by Petervw View Post
since sunday I own a HW97KT with Maccari -12 spring to shoot HFT, want to have a try
which scopes are sure to keep working on the springer ?
I like half mildots but prefer the ret to stay where it is
I have several Hawke scopes
Nite Eye 2.5-10x50
Sport HD 3-9x40
Varmint 3-12x44 (use this on my Steyr for HFT)
Sidewinder 30 4-14x42
out of these I prefer the Varmint and the Nite Eye, they seem to have less paralax error
but I'm open to any suggestions ... around 250

hi ya peter
I shoot hft i use EB sniper 10x42 and mtc viper 10x44 both ecellent scope's goodstonehft
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